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Creating a New Game

To create a new game simply navigate to the list of games page ( and click on the New Game button.

After pressing the New Game button a new untitled game is created and you'll be directed to to game editor screen.


Two roles (Player 1 and Player 2) will be auto-filled for you for ease, but you can rename these roles however it best suits your game. You can add as many roles to your game as you need. On the left side of each role you can set the color with which they will be represented throughout in the game. Click on the Edit Roles button to add the role to your game.

Adding Title, Details and Cover Photo or Video

To add title, description and other details of your game, you can press the back button. Here you can enter the title and description of your game and upload a cover image for your game.

You can also upload a Youtube video introducing your game. In case you upload a Youtube video, it will replace your image in the game Marketplace.

Author and Contact

You can also add the author of the game and a contact email address. This is useful when people want to reach the game creators on the Marketplace.

When you are done adding the details, click on Save to create the game.

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