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Game Builder Screen Manager

The main screen of the game builder lets game creators have an overview of the screens of the game script.

Upper Toolbar

Editing Game Script Properties

On the top right corner it is possible to edit the game properties or settings. Clicking on this screen brings up the same editing options as creating a new game.

Selecting Roles

The game builder page shows these screens per each role. The active role can be selected on the top left corner of the screen. When a role is selected its color gets highlighted. Please note that the default facilitator role is also present on the role list. It is a default role but it is treated as other roles.

Filtering screens

It is possible to find specific fields by typing the screen's name into the filter at the top right corner.

Screen List

The screen list shows the list of screens for the active role.

The screen list has several tools to manage screens:

Edit Screen

The Edit button leads to the Edit Screen dialog window, which lets the builder edit or create new screens. The detailed description of the screen editor interface can be found here.

Clone Screen

The cloning function lets you copy screens for other roles.

There is a clone button for each screen in the screen list. After clicking on the clone button a pop-up dialog opens with the list of roles. When clicking on the role, the screen editor window opens, creating a copy of the selected screen.

Delete Screen

When clicking on the delete button, a confirmation dialog box pops up. Upon confirmation the screen gets permanently deleted.

Add New Screen

There are two ways to add a new screen to the game script.

The red Create New Screen button creates a blank new screen and opens it up in the screen editor.

The green Add New Screen button creates a new screen as a preceding screen to the screen which was selected in the list.

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