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Game Designer

The Game Designer allows game creators to add information screens with images and videos, feedback screens and VR content to their games.

To access the game designer, select the game you want to edit in the games list page and click on the Edit Game Design on the top left corner.

The Game Designer page lets you edit your game flow and add, edit and remove screens to your games. Screens represent a single step or task in a game. To know more, go to the Screen Editor page.

On the game designer you will see screens organized under roles in columns. When you add a new role to your game, a new column with the title and color of that role will appear.

Editing Screens

To edit a screen simply click on it's card in the column and you will be directed to the Screen Editor. To know more about how you can edit the screen contents and properties, visit the Screen Editor page.

Adding New Screens

To add a new screen, you have three ways to go.

The simplest is to click on the Add Screen button on the top left corner. Then you can select the role that you want the new screen added to.

You can also make a copy of an screen by hovering over the screen card in the column and clicking on the copy icon.

Alternatively, you can also add a new screen by hovering over a screen card in the column and clicking on the + icon. This way you create a new screen and set the hovered state as a dependency for that screen. See more about dependencies here.

Showing Dependencies

When you hover over a screen card then it will highlight all the other screens on which this screen depends on.

Order of Screen Cards

The order of the screen cards in each column is just an indication of its order in the game. The time when a screen is shown for the player determined by which cards it depends on and whether they are already finished. However, for a better overview in the Game Designer you can set the order of the screen cards in the Screen Editor. You can set numbers and even decimals such as 1.1 and 1.2 to change the logical order of the screen cards.

Testing Your Game

You can click on the Test button to start testing your game.See more in this separate page.

Searching for Screens

You can use the search bar on the top right corner to search for a card that you're interested in.

Deleting Screens

You can delete a screen by hovering over its card in the Game Designer and clicking on the X icon.

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