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Manage Administrators

The user management allows you to invite new administrator users and to manage existing ones. To access the administrator management page click on Manage Users the top right menu.

Users in gamoteca can be administrators in your organisation, game creators, workshop facilitators, reviewers, domain experts and other stakeholders who take part either in content creation, learner management and workshop management. You can manage the privileges of each user to best suit their access levels (see details below).

Inviting Administrator Users

To invite new a user click on the Invite New User button. It is possible to grant specific permissions to users:

  • Manage admin users: the user will be able to invite additional administrators and manage current administrators.
  • Invite and manage players: this checkbox has no effect as of yet
  • Create and edit games: administrator can access the Game Editor and can create and edit games
  • Create and run events: administrator can access the Game Management page, can create events and monitor ongoing or past events

After inviting an administrator, they will receive an invitation by email. To confirm the registration, they will have to click on the confirmation link provided in the email.

After the invitation has been sent it is possible to delete the invitation or re-send it.

:!: Please note that registering an email address as and administrator will not create an account for that email as a player. You can register though with the same email as a player in the player app.

Managing Existing Administrator Users

Existing users can be edited, deleted, and their passwords can be reset. Only users invited with the “manage users” option checked in will have this privilege.

When editing an administrative user it is possible to set a full name, profile picture and adjust privileges. It is not possible to modify the name or email address of an administrator.

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