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Creating Events

To start a new game based on a game script click on the Events item on the top menu (

The page shows the list of games that you have already started.

A specific game can be searched for on the top right filter box. You can also filter by the status of games:

  • Scheduled: Game events that are scheduled but have not been started yet
  • Running: Game events that have been started but the learners haven't completed yet
  • Completed: Game events where all players have completed their games.

Creating a New Event

To create a new event, simply click on the New Event button and then select the game that you would like to create the event for. You will be directed to this page where you can enter details for the game event:

You can specify:

  • Event Description: You can add a description for your event eg. London Workshop
  • Date: the date when learners will play the game (optional). Date will be converted for each respective participant based on their location (of their browser).
  • Location: the location where the learning event takes place (optional)
  • Organiser Name: if you would like to inform the users about who to contact in case of assistance, you can specify the name of the event organiser.
  • Organiser Email: learners will be able to contact the organiser using this email address. The email address will be shown to users when they view the details of the learning event.
  • Players: You can add players using their name or their email addresses. If you add a player for the first time, you will need to enter their email address and press add. If you invite a player for the second time and they have already registered, then you can also enter their name and select them from the autofill list.
  • Teams: team can be named. A new team can be added with the Add Team button and deleted with the delete button when hovering over a team.
  • Settings for Game Start: You can set how the game event should start. If it's important for you to start at a certain time, manual start is recommended. Otherwise, it's better to leave the event start when players are ready.

Inviting Players

You can invite players by adding them to your game event and then assigning them to specific teams.

Once you assigned them to teams, you have to press the save button. When Save is pressed, players are notified either in email or - if they have the Gamoteca app already installed - in a push notification on their mobile.

New players will be offered to download the Gamoteca app and register. Once they register, they can accept your invitation and wait for the event facilitator to start the game event.

Starting a game

Once all players have accepted your invitation, you are ready start the event. To start the event, simply go to the event's page (selected in the event list) and press Start.

Players will be notified about starting the game by a push notification.

You can continue monitoring the game in the Monitoring Overview, where you will be automatically redirected.

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