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Gamoteca Quick Start Guide

In this guide we aim to show how you can create mixed-reality simulation games in minutes and how you can invite your learners to play these games for training purposes.

If you need some inspiration, check out the existing games on our Games Marketplace (

Design Your Game on Paper

The easiest way to get started is to draw the game flow on a large-sized paper. You can follow the guides laid out in the Serious Games Toolkit to get inspired.

Create Your First Game

To get started with creating your game, go to the to the games list page and click on the New Game button.

If you would like to see how a game looks like, you can check the Demo Game in your game list any time.

See more details here, if you need help.

Create Your First Screen

You can create your first screens in the game editor. First you need to define which roles are going to play in the game. Each learner can take on a separate role in the game and you can define separate flows for each roles.

You can add images, videos and multiple choice questions to your games. Besides, in Gamoteca you can also add 360-degree photos and videos creating a more immersive learning experience.

To see more details, click here.

Connect the Screens

You can add depth to your games by connecting learners. You can create separate roles and learners can interact with each other by giving feedback and evaluating others feedback in the games. You can create these connections in the game designer.

To see more details, click here.

Test Your Game

To test your games in the browser, simply click on the Test button in the Game Editor.

Click here to see more details about the game tester.

Try Your Game on Mobile

Create a new game event to test your game on mobile devices or on desktop.

Click here to know more about creating game events.

You can create game events the same way for future workshops or online learning scenarios as well.

Publish Your Games

You can also publish your games on our Games Marketplace. You can set whether you want other oranisations to create events based on your games or even to create their own games based on yours.

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